Monday, August 29, 2011

Mother Nasty Nature

Nobody wants to fool with Mother Nature. We have seen such disasters in the last few years world wide on her account. She gave us a small whipping here and unfortunately, there are some sad stories. Cottages out here in Lordship I believe, cannot be rebuilt if a storm takes them down. They own the structure, not the land....please tell me if I am wrong but I think this one is gone...

This is all that remains of a beautiful cottage. I walked by it on many a day. The hammock, the fun painted front door with a polka dot theme and inside, the true beach lover. That was very obvious and I want to say how sorry I am about their Mother Nature misfortune.

One door down, another casualty that defies reason. The front is ripped off but the wall hangings and more stay intact. It doesn't make sense! Not sure how this one will pan out but again, I wish them well.

I walked at 6:15 a.m. to check out the damage, again. Hearing trucks all day today leads me to believe they are working to get rid of all debris and make the cottages safe again.

This cottage sign exemplifies the love out here in Lordship!  We love our community, beach and year round residents alike and we "worship" the long sunny days of summer with bicycle riders, walkers, runners, dog walkers and many more. This little hurricane can't stop us one bit!

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