Sunday, August 28, 2011

Irene is Here!

Of course I had to venture out...warnings of danger disregarded. Two hours before high tide and before the full force of the storm hit seemed safer than later, but I can't guarantee I won't try again. Trees are down, roads are beginning to flood and the waves are beautiful.

My "driver" Papa D, a.k.a. my husband took me on a short ride through Lordship. I got a little nervous a few times seeing limbs down, remembering last year's tornado!

The sand, whipped into quite a frenzy, stung my legs so the rest of the shots were taken from the safety of the car, or Jeep, thanks Claire! Here the sand is being pushed across the road between the cottages. 

The seawall was inaccessible, barricaded off by our local police. The Bluffs were windswept, a landscape of gray, white capped waves a-crashing in succession, and the wind a-howling!

Lordship has no fear. Of course we don't! So far.

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