Sunday, August 21, 2011

Floating Chinese Lanterns

Last night I witnessed something beautiful but at the same time I questioned this phenomenon. I came to learn today after trusty Google helped me along, that what I witnessed whilst enjoying a summer evening with family on Fairfield Beach is the "fad" of Floating Chinese Lanterns. The biodegradable paper (isn't all paper biodegradable?) lanterns with a small candle and a small wire frame look awesome as they float up into the night sky. One after another dotted the sky in progression as they drifted away.

They are let go here by a group of kids....very eerie and spooky images caught by my little point & shoot digital camera. What looks like a dinosaur? I have no idea!

I don't have another photo to show but do want to say that the wire network that keeps the "balloons" as balloons is not biodegradable...and the possibility of a home or farm or dry grasses lighting on fire as these "night jellies" (as I called them last night) drop is just irresponsible. The wildlife that can ingest the wire frame can and has been known to suffer or die! Please, do not use these in your next event as beautiful as they are. Google the fad and do homework before using something this dangerous!

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