Sunday, August 28, 2011

Irene is Gone.

Some aftermath shots as tides receded, and the sun tried to come out again.

We residents of Lordship were told that a "curfew" was in order and we MUST stay inside our homes until 5 p.m. Emergency crew did the best job ever trying to control us along with any true emergencies. I applaud them and admire them.

The water at the end of my street receded by 1 p.m. when the tides changed. Debris and still churning waves can be seen here.

Now that we were able to venture out farther, we came upon the Seawall, Marnick's and a swimmer? Some people just can't resist a good wave.

The road along the Seawall was completely destroyed! Unlike Gloria when the Seawall was demolished, this time, the water undermined the integrity of the road but the wall itself was only slightly damaged.

Surf was still up when we walked at 4 p.m.
Yes, we went out three times and probably walked about 6 miles total for the day. 

Water "boiling up" from an underground storm drain?

Water channels and new tide pools were carved out of the beach everywhere along the Seawall. Amazing that the wall held off the impact this time around!

Uprooted vegetation, colorful, poignant. 

The sand that was swept in will be appreciated by beach walkers.

The sand and dirt that washed out and the erosion that resulted from the storm inflicted may not be so good.

In the end, we are left with another "notch" in our belts. This past year and one quarter has seen a tornado, a few blizzards, a small earthquake, a 102 degree day, a hurricane and what have you in between that I either can't or don't want to recall!

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