Saturday, August 27, 2011

Waiting for Irene Week

This week I knew I had to get out and walk when I could due to weather forecasts! I took some very random photos during the early morning. Some sunny mornings, some humid and cloudy. I will never call them dismal because if I can be out there, I am happy.

Seaglass is actually hard to spot if it is too sunny and especially in the early morning when shadows are long and intense. If the glass is wet, it glistens though and these two pieces were fortunate finds!

This is what I mean about long shadows! My shadow, at the seawall in Lordship, taking the shot and trying point it out.

The stormy waves the day before Irene...hoping they bring in new treasures!

On a gray day the colors just pop. These two blue crab claws I found (and staged....shame on me) were fresh and bursting with their natural colors. Their colors fade quickly in the sun!

I actually am very fond of blue crabs...they are such lively, fighting crabs! Here you see I painted one on a Trader Joe's sign.  I remember them when I was young in the tidal pools at Fairfield Beach where you could entice them to "put up their dukes" in fight mode. Happy to see them returning to the Sound after years of absence.

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