Monday, August 1, 2011

Sunday Cacciatore

Although I spent quite a bit of time at the beach this weekend, my main goal was to make my fresh Tomato & Chicken Cacciatore. The tomatoes are abundant enough now to use at least a dozen in this summer favorite. This is what was left AFTER I chose the ripest ones!

So, I am not well versed at explaining recipes. I cook without them most of the time but this is such a simple dish I think I can explain!

 12 or more fresh tomatoes from the garden
fresh basil from the garden
2-3 cloves of garlic
olive oil of your choice (I use Trader Joe's of course)
one can of chopped or diced tomatoes to give some moisture 
Pepper (salt if you really want) to taste

In a large stock pot, give a good 1/4 inch coating of olive oil, add chopped tomatoes, basil, and garlic!

Simmer........the whole house will smell wonderful! I had a few ahhhhhs & ohhhhhs when my family returned from the beach. I always leave early to get dinner started!

Next, with boneless chicken thighs floured, I start the big fry pan. A little more olive oil in the pan, they get cranking. Time to clean up pans and pour a glass of wine.

Brown them both sides, flip with tongs carefully!

Looking good. Then, take each thigh and place atop the simmering tomato mixture. This will basically "pressure" cook the mixture below. Thighs are used because they are moist, inexpensive and give lots of flavor. You can substitute any cut of chicken though!

Lower the temp way down, cover the pot and let simmer. After 1 hour or so, turn the chicken thighs into the tomatoes. Cook a little this point, the dish is done and will almost look like stew. The chicken should be falling apart.

Now, unfortunately, I don't have the plated dish with that spring of parsley on the side photographed. It was gone before I knew it!!!  Move over Giada, Bobby, Rachel and Jamie. This fresh dish with very basic ingredients, as many as possible coming straight from the garden is MY WINNER! Everyone loves it!

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  1. I'm glad to have that recipe! And can vouch for how delicious it is.