Sunday, August 7, 2011

To Be or Not Be....A Loon or a Cormorant?

Thanks to my co-worker and beach walk friend Alex, I was able to correctly identify the birds we came upon on our long walk last Thursday! We covered more shoreline than I have in years! It was a great morning walk and hope to do more walks with camera in hand again!

These extra tall pilings were the perfect photo opp. The birds, the clouds and the water looked so serene.

I found a great site to help identify and listen to the birds we see along our shoreline! Birds Here!

Of course the artsy shots I couldn't help but take... now follow. Like I say, there is design just have to keep your eyes open!

This was actually an old blue plastic tarp that had been shredded by the waves and wind. I looked like a woman's pashmina scarf draped over the wood and forgotten after a midnight stroll!

And the fields of green & gold in the creek are like music that soothes the soul. Or maybe the absence of sound that to me, is like heaven on earth!

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