Sunday, August 28, 2011

During Irene

The storm has subsided...but we did go out again. At the height of the wind, tides and probably danger, well as all of us curious and stupidly fearless Lordship residents gathered to see the storm.

 Storm central....11 a.m. and it is high tide. The storm is at its supposed peak. We walk to the end of our street.  It is a dead end that looks out over a row of mostly summer cottages. We have a tidal basin pond at the end of the street.....flooded with debris. Looks like a cottage may have gone down by the looks of the wood, steps and contents of a house. So sad.

You can see from the end of my road the devastation and the intensity of the surf that there must certainly be damage. The tidal pond is one with the Sound here.

Photo here and below courtesy of my friend Nina K. I think this one wins the BEST PHOTO of IRENE contest hands down. (Not that we have a contest but maybe we should?) This is Russian Beach and a pathway down to the beach. WOW.

Below is a great shot from Colleen, my daughter's friend. Another path to the beach from the "bluffs" along Russian Beach out here in Lordship.

I must say here that I am not completely crazy. I went home, it got a little scary. BUT, I do have a few friends that live closer to other vantage points and they, just as I did, got out to to take some awesome shots of the fury of this storm as you have seen! Did I say we were ALL fearless? It must be something in the drinking water out here. Sort of a long time running joke.

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