Thursday, August 4, 2011

Mirror, Mirror, Ceiling Medallion Mirror

Ideas. They come to me at unexpected times! I had this ceiling medallion that never went up propped up against my wall. I woke up one morning and saw it....and knew its destiny. A "sort of starburst mirror"....that seems to be in every living room right now. Can you imagine it? I could and could also see that I could make one for a fraction of the price!

It had great lines, design and an opening for a small mirror!

Out to the driveway we went. Black spray paint in hand and after a few light coats (to optimize drying time) I had my blank black canvas.

I bought some fake gold leaf paint and proceeded to accent the design. A tedious task but a glass of wine (seen here) helped me along!

The project joined me at my short time staying at the Fairfield beach cottage. I completed the gold outside where I could breathe easy.

I wanted to add another element. I decided to add "raised dots" of some kind, come hell or high water! It took me quite a while to find a crafty solution. The placement was also an issue. Above you can see the 2 options. Around the inside circle or around the outside circle?

This craft solution was the perfect one. Peel off pearls, I painted with my fake gold leaf paint and glued with the 527 glue to insure they don't chip off any time too soon! The tweezers helped with placement.

This was another tedious task but really not too bad! I did this outdoors, no mosquitoes, surprisingly, and Saint Sally the Dog dug a hole to her hearts delight while I worked!

So, the finished product! The mirror was glued to the back, a picture hanging devise hammered on the back for a future spot on a wall and for now, my Ceiling Medallion Mirror has nested itself on my mantle with like honey gold colors! I had such a great time with this idea....hope to find another one soon!

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