My Artwork and Signage

Since 2006 I have worked at Trader Joe's in Fairfield, CT. Every store has their very own artists on staff. We create all signage, templates, murals and we accomplish this ALL by hand. No computers. We work quickly when needed but sometimes, every once in a while, we are able to put forth our best efforts and spend the time we need to make "artwork" we can be proud of. Most signs speak for themselves so I am going to just add to this page just so often, images only.

as you enter...

Every Thanksgiving we have to make these busy turkey signs

one of my favorite projects to date

end caps aren't my usual job!

at one point, we had a community theme
if you look closely, the Carlee B lobster boat is sailing by!
Main Street Fairfield, names changed though...
See the blue building-it's Bonny Electric!
a large mural..see the scoreboard?
a dropcloth painted to cover beer on Sundays
This was a real treat to paint...on the floor to get the washes right
Part of our community, this historic building was tough to paint!