Monday, January 7, 2013

Chalkboard Christmas Card

Sadly, I haven't mailed out a snail mail Christmas card in quite a few years. This year, I decided I would put my love of lettering & "chalkboarding" to use big time. Facebook afforded me an easy, quick way to say Merry Christmas to many but first I would have to design the message! (Intention of then printing and really mailing a card or postcard!)

In Stage One, two initial sketches were created combining some fun fonts a nice big those.  Family did not like the word X-MAS so that one was out. They all loved the word "little" being little though!

Starting the board with a rough chalk much erasing! Centering the letters is a trial and error process if truly done freehand (with no help from a projector or transfer paper).

Using white paint marker that appears chalky yet won't rub off once dry, I loosely finish the lettering. Water based paint marker is easily erased just like chalk with a bit of rubbing alcohol and can be applied in a sketchy manner to resemble real chalk...and it is water resistant – meaning these boards can go outside in any weather! Back to the design though, you can see how the words changed (another family edit) and the fonts were still being questioned.  With so many fantastic typefaces to browse online it is a hard decision for a font freak like myself.

A few more touches and the board is finished. Unfortunately, I didn't like it! You have to understand that quality of putting your best foot forward and this was just not cutting it for me. So, out with the chalkboard paint and just start over. No problem... another chance to sketch, design and Christmas was only a week or two away!

Remember that first sketch? I back tracked a bit because I liked parts of that one. Not wasting too much time, I did more designing this time directly on the chalkboard using elements of other sketches. See my tools? Chalk, wet paper towel, paint marker and t-square at the very bottom. Words changed again too!

Still erasing and editing but having fun with it. 

Voila! Finished, photographed and posted on facebook with the still-to-this-date resolve to get a card printed and snail mailed.  Photographing I must say was more difficult than I imagined. Indoor lighting cast shadows so outdoors I went. Photoshop helped the contrast but took the chalky nature and swallowed it up whole. That will be a challenge now as I move forward by wishing all a wonderful New Year! Have some fun & keep trying new things this year – I am, check it out!

With that said, I may post on less often in the year to come. If a great project comes along or I explore other seaglass jewelry options I will be sure to share them!

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