Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Driftwood Mantle

One of the projects I spent way too much time on this holiday season was my fireplace mantle decor. It was calling out for some attention and it became an ever evolving creation over a few weeks –  much like a painting that is worked and reworked until you just must stop.
I had fun though and would like to share the evolution.....

This "before" shot was taken after removing the print that usually resides over the fireplace and replacing it with the convex mirror I inherited many years ago. See me in the reflection? The goose is a sentimental reminder of Christmas Past.

And now the games begin! Fresh greens and very large grapevine wreath added....

Driftwood of many shapes and sizes placed.....

Grapevine balls were so tenderly placed (one fell off and was immediately snatched up by Mr. Willy the dog)  but after much review, the mantlescape was getting a bit heavy....

Less is more so the saying goes, so off with the driftwood & remaining balls, replace judiciously.

Lights were added at some point! Fantastic cheap string on a TIMER from Walmart!!!!

Did I mention I couldn't stop? The last addition (almost) to my Christmas Mantle Project were drilled cut tree ends strung with jute....like stockings hung by the chimney with care....

Wait, maybe just a little more?

A little glitz was necessary, right?  I placed the silvery, sparkly coiled branches sparingly and......

the starfish jumped right in afterwards!

The Christmas Goose stands watch. Merry Christmas to all and may Peace find all who are in need.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Silvertip Christmas

For many, many years I have wondered where to get an old-fashioned Christmas tree. You know, the ones that people dub as "Charlie Brown trees" and have very few branches? I am not talking about a wispy twig found in the woods or a tree that is edited, with branches trimmed out. No, this special tree would be one of movie star status, one that we see in the movies of old...

Here in the movie "The Bishop's Wife" with Loretta Young, Cary Grant, and David Niven we see THE TREE! That's it!!! That's the one I want! Loretta buys the tree in the first scene and it is decorated in a "heavenly" fashion by Cary Grant. 

And this year I found it.

I was surrounded by my trees in fact! It was hard to contain myself at times working in the nursery at terrain. Here I had a good week or two to choose my tree and take it home before they sold out. Seems other people liked these "designer" trees as well, although I still thought of them as just old fashioned and nostalgic.

The California Red Fir, commonly referred to as a "Silvertip", grows on the high mountains of northern California and southern Oregon. Hollywood prop departments of old most likely chose the trees that were readily available and used them in our favorite Christmas classics.

After taking great care of my tree for 2 weeks outside, the day finally arrived to bring "her" in. She was placed in a spot of honor after moving a few pieces of furniture. This living room is also "old fashioned" and not the sprawling family room that most people call home for their Christmas trees!
The starfish topper was one I made a few years back using three stars (3 wise men?), a twig and some red berries. It fits my beachy home decor perfectly and it was the first adornment added to my Silvertip lady.

With just the lights, she is becoming a beauty...

and she sparkles with the addition of ornaments! Mercury glass ornaments collected over the past 3 years, some old glass favorites, a bit of rust with some found bell bargains, glass icicles and some button garland...presenting, my lady the movie star.

Reflections from the lights bounce of the glass while the rusty bell ornaments and button garland add a bit of antiquity...along with a burlap tree skirt awaiting the gifts to come.

And now we wait and welcome this magical holiday!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Serendipitous Sunday!

Last post I gave kudos to one of my favorite bloggers, Sweet Paul. Little did I know at that time that he would be visiting terrain, my place of employment this Sunday! I was fortunately off the schedule and was thus able to partake in his demo and have a very nice conversation with him. A lovely way for me to spend an hour...he had chocolates, mini-wreath making and some insight on the "way bigger blog than mine" world out there. I also met Paul's marketing director named Paul as well...a very personable Paul I must say!

I was just so excited to have a copy of Paul's most recent publication signed...my fellow employees who saw me at his table had no idea how much a treat this event was for me.

The wreath I made while conversing was a perfect take away....and a perfect idea on their part! They actually said, "isn't it relaxing to do something while visiting our table?"  Good marketing, goodwill and good chocolate –a perfect combination.

My little wreath will adorn our bathroom door...and we will appreciate all season long! Thank you so much Sweet Paul!