Saturday, September 3, 2011

Labor Day Caprese Salad

Since my tomatoes have been ripening, I have made quite a few Caprese Salads...just as I said I would! Now, with tomatoes of various colors & fresh basil from my garden I want to show the world (or just a few followers) my beautiful and fulfilling harvest and what I have done with it!

See here, the Green Zebra Stripe tomato, the Early Girl Red and the Lemon Boy Yellow tomatoes! Getting ready to prepare a Caprese Salad...the mozzarella, the fresh basil and Trader Joe's Rainbow Peppercorns in Grinder, Himalayan PINK Sea Salt, TJ's California Olive Oil and Italian Red Wine Vinegar.

Slicing away at the tomatoes and mozzarella in preparation for layering.

Finding I did not have the typically used Balsamic Vinegar, I pulled out the other options I had on hand. Which to use? I never knew vinegars came in so many different "flavors" and have been experimenting!

So much fun using these home grown tomatoes! The Zebra Stripe Green tomato is just starting to ripen and thankfully, Miss Hurricane Irene did not upset any plants!

Layered tomatoes, basil and mozzarella, drizzled with Olive Oil (and we decided on the Pear Infused Vinegar) the salt & pepper coarsely ground atop...Voila! It was already gone, gobbled up by the family by the time I wrote this!

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