Monday, September 19, 2011

A Sunday Search

Traveling to Baltimore this weekend on Amtrak left me no time to walk the beaches! But, as always, I found a new art form to appreciate. GRAFITTI!!!!

As the train slowed during various times on our journey, I was able to capture some images. I should have started sooner – this idea came to me only half way through the trip. Between reading a great book and the lovely quiet of the "quiet" car, I vowed to do an intensive search on our ride home the next day.

The next day proved futile. The seats were full, I had an aisle seat and the woman by the window was accepting of my artistic idea but I could not see the images in time was all a blur.

We met our son John and his fiance Kate in Columbia, Maryland. A beautiful town! While standing in the town center we were searching for the iconic symbol of the town...many people, diverse, living together. Funny, we were standing right beside it...but did not look up. There is was!  Flower-like to me, sculptural and strong.

Our ride home became night. Lights from the cities, bridges and highways. Still, art and design everywhere you look! If only I had a camera that could capture every detail I see, when I see it and add the footnotes later....if every blink of my eye was a camera shot!

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