Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A September Garden Tour

I was fortunate again to visit another Garden Conservancy Open Days event in South Salem, New York. A lovely morning with 2 lovely women! I don't need to say much. The photos tell the story of a landscape design fit for a king or queen (and they just happened to be on the property).

The moss garden was quiet...the smell of the earth, the sound of the trickling brook were so serene.

The grotto had a window looking into the pool and looking up into the sky.

The perennial garden had so many elements, all sophisticated in design yet playful.

And here, the King & Queen in their court.

The pond reflecting another Greek Revival structure and the trees, sky and clouds. 

A poolside antiquity or so it seemed.

Poolside, slate with space between to naturalize, reflections of Greek columns on the bluest water. Circle in foreground looks into the fore mentioned grotto.

What can I say?

Moving onto the next Conservancy Garden Tour location I found myself back in the real world! A true home and working garden. Real people!

These garden elements don't need explanation. They are just beautiful.

Gates, hidden spaces....all personal and deserving of our attention.

Gardens. To each their own. 
To see the time each land owner has spent making the earth a beautiful place ... creating either a statement or or a lifestyle or a legacy?

What do you think?

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