Sunday, September 11, 2011

Small Blessings

During the few days leading up to our nation's remembrance of that fateful and unforgettable day I found myself wishing for signs that we have turned a corner, have conquered and will move on with pride. Of course my beach walks allowed me the time to reflect. But, even on my drive to work this past Friday I was blessed.

I don't remember the last time I saw a rainbow. This one, captured from my car window, trying to escape the traffic on I-95 seems poignant. A dilapidated building is protected by this small miracle of nature.

My next small blessing was during my beach walk on Saturday morning. I have been keeping my eyes out for a small, washed up horseshoe crab. I once saw one in a shadow would fit my beach cottage look so perfectly - but the ones I already found in years past are all slightly damaged. This one was a perfect specimen. Again, small but special for me.

My third small but quite the blessing was spotting a humming bird later in the day! My feeder was a Mother's Day gift from my daughter Claire. As I sat quietly on my back steps overlooking my backyard I saw a large bug...but wait, NO! It was in flight and as it turned away I saw that it was in fact my long awaited hummingbird. So excited. So thrilled for such a blessing.

Remembering a long ago co-worker's gift to my husband I asked him, "where is the photo you have?" And this is it. Taken by Frank Seestrom in Weston, CT in July of 1992. Printed on Kodak paper, pre-photoshop and pre-desk top printing. It is a miracle that he caught this ruby throated hummingbird and we are fortunate to have a copy.

Small Blessings.

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