Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Can Summer Possibly Be Over?

I know that Labor means the End of Summer for most although we all also know that the Autumn Equinox on September 23rd is the official end and turning point into the new season. Labor Day Weekend followed the Irene Hurricane Weekend so walking the beaches was a MUST!

Early Saturday morning I awoke to see the sky turning pink...red sky in the morning, sailors take warning? I worried that the day would become dismal so I got out and down to the Seawall in time for a spectacular sunrise. A lone fisherman and virtually not another single soul. So peaceful...

The next walk we took was a very long one! 5.5 miles out and around Pleasure Beach. We tried our best to NOT look for seaglass on the way out knowing our destination and how far we wanted to travel. Pleasure Beach extends into Bridgeport Harbor and partially encircles it. This is a gem, a place that once was a thriving industrial seaport and this stretch above was once a destination spot for many!

The old McLeevy pier at Pleasure Beach looks directly across the harbor to an old Lighthouse! It is in center of this photo...a small black and mostly ignored icon of Bridgeport's past. I have loved this little unknown beacon for years. Not sure many people have noticed it or have any idea it exists! I will write about this again soon!!! With the nickname Bug Light, you can't NOT want to know more.

 The seaglass I found on my trip around Pleasure Beach and into Bridgeport Harbor was unique! There were very large pieces...and a few with identifying letters. As you can see, the "Cola" was an old Coca Cola bottle but the "DJC" Jersey City piece I will have to investigate. The hurricane may have brought up some bigger, older pieces from the harbor depths. What else lies beneath?

Even when I am working I have to acknowledge the End of Summer or the beginning of any other time of year. It is always hard to see it in print especially if I am the one to design the Point of Purchase displays.  I am hoping for a warm, sunny "Indian Summer" to phase us into the fall.

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