Sunday, September 25, 2011

Seaglass Sunday!

Sunday morning walk before a little vacation! The morning was overcast, seagulls bright against the sky and the beach still very littered from Hurricane Irene.

Both "flotsam and jetsam" were in abundance. I have heard that flotsam is natural materials from the sea washed ashore and jetsam is man-made materials thrown overboard. The definition varies depending on the source. 
From a phrase finding site....There's a simple mnemonic that helps distinguish flotsam from jetsam. Flotsam (or floatsome) are those items which are floating as a consequence of the action of the sea. Jetsam are those which have been jettisoned by a ship's crew (although that may float too of course). 

 My seaglass search unearthed a perfect little finger bowl. Not a chip or crack and sadly most likely part of a summer cottage kitchen. Not discarded at all...but tossed about by the waves since Irene's destruction. So which is it? Flotsam or jetsam?

The bowl became my seaglass gathering vessel for the morning. I would gladly return it to its rightful owners if I only knew who they were!

For now, it is in good hands and will continue to be a seaglass container in my home.

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