Sunday, October 2, 2011

Seaglass Sunday Summer Wrap Up!

Better late than never. Before we get even further into the fall season, I wanted to show a few moments of Summer 2011. It was a wonderful. Gardening, beach days, tomato harvesting and more.....

 The summer's haul. Soon to be organized into bowls and vases.

  Tomato in the tree??? Squirrels are quite clever.

The Pandora Shell collection.

Summer Salads.

Shell and driftwood collections on display.

While I dug in the garden, Sally dug in the yard!

Tomatoes runneth over. And over.....

Gardens survived, came into their own and filled in nicely by September.

 AND, I signed up for a watercolor class this fall.

So is this Indian Summer? Not yet! When the weather is sunny, clear and warm and after we have had the first killing frost...then we can claim a day like this to be an "Indian Summer" day. Today finally felt like the season has changed though...a brisk breeze off the water, a few falling leaves yet a warm sun. Just wonderful!

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