Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Charlestown, Claire & Carol

A mother/daughter trip to the southern state of South Carolina! Happened last week..and we missed Kate being there immensely but we had a very, very nice time. Did some beach, some city and some nature (of course!).

The  beach was  relaxing, pristine and some nice shells were found.

The "Single House" was an iconic style....seen above here. The one room wide homes had porches off both floors to let the air circulate before the age of AC.

An old theatre transformed into an Urban Outfitters was pure joy. Most operating fixtures including the original chandelier, the balcony, the workings of the stage with the old curtains and sand bags, drops and pulleys were preserved!!!

 City streets and alley ways were alive at night, rain or shine, week day or weekend. Many restaurants making it so hard to chose but we had two delicious "low country" high style meals!

The kayaking adventure was recorded mistakenly in black & white. Storks, seagulls and The Seahorse, a shrimp boat still look sweet in this mode. Claire wants to live here!

She connects here with a stork after a long kayaking journey.

I connect here with a bird on the beach. One little banana, one little taste and I had a friend for the rest of the morning!

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