Sunday, October 9, 2011

Weekend Walk & Winery!

This weekend, being what I believe to be a true Indian Summer occasion that was perfect for walking...we did! Sleeping Giant Mountain in Hamden, CT allows dogs (leashed) so up we climbed.

Not sure if Sally needed a rest or we did!

The tower at the top looks out over a beautiful valley and Quinnipiac University. I stayed below though to watch Sally while heights are not my cup of tea I must confess.

The Mountain Laurels (our state flower) twist and turn their faces to reach the sun leaving barren branches that seem haunted.

A downward jog of sorts pulled by Miss Sally ended in thirst all around.

Just by chance, on our way to buy some much needed apples we spotted a Connecticut Wine Trail sign!!! What would be better than that to end this day? After getting lost thanks to the iphone GPS and possibly some bad navigating by the novice iphone user (me), we found Chamard Vineyard in Clinton, CT.

A very welcome sight, seeing the sign and arriving before closing time!

Quite the location! The vineyards, the grounds and tasting areas were calling out to us, stay, have at least one glass...but we had someone (Sally) waiting in the car. So we decided to hold our own taste testing at home.

So much fun staging our little wine tasting. The wine was good, feeling great from our walk...we need a few more weekends like this!

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