Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday from Shore to Lake

Today I started off on the blustery sea shore and ended at the old family place on the lake. Seemed liked two different days!

Crashing waves, seaglass covered by the night's stormy sands and still finding the remains of Irene wrapped here around a piling. It seemed almost as windy as the hurricane!

So off we went. NEW Fairfield. A little cottage that has been in the family since the 1940's. Mostly unchanged except for absolute necessary improvements! No drinking water, no shower but wonderful views of the lake from the dock and boathouse top.

A pristine, unadorned location. We are lucky to still own a piece of this lake.

Inside, the old croquet mallets, the wall of fame - the original owners, my great uncle and great aunt along with other Hayes family photos and memorabilia. A turtle shell, an old fan, trinkets, feathers, paintbrushes and of course playing cards.

My mother and her siblings (she is the far right beauty with the big white bow). An art project of past...saved with a found feather. We pretty much have a rule - no TV, no internet etc. Just crafts, reading and lots of cooking in the outdoor fire pit.

Sweetcake Mountain hiking trail meanders up a wooded path behind our place. 

And when we reach the top we see our lake. Candlewood is a large man made lake, a valley flooded back in the 40's (I will make sure of the exact time). Islands seen here were tops of hills. Cemetary Island across from our dock was an actual cemetary! The others seen here we call Sand Island and House Island...and beyond are Candlewood Shores.

The woods are so different than my home by the shore. Bird houses, leaves underfoot and the quiet!!!

The cottage is always a work in progress...but not too much! Old paint colors remind us of the past.

A marker by our door that we have never figured out but to us, it is truly the trail end anyways, end of day and time to relax.

A view from the screened porch. Welcome to the Lake. Well said.

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