Sunday, May 1, 2011

A sunny Sunday

I was so happy to get out on the beach today. Great finds, great Vitamin D from the sun and some nice pieces of glass to add to my recent finds pile!  Along the way, I came upon a beautiful, perfectly shaped starfish washed ashore. It was still alive...could see the little feet underside wiggling away. Although they are known to be quite the predator, I gave it another chance and flipped it, put it back into the sound.

I am still "showing off" my love of seaglass and the way I have incorporated it anywhere I can in my home. This is a little lamp in my seafoam green living room....a great light to leave on as a night light.

I was also quite honored today when my cousin Bonney gave me a mention on her blog as another seaglass enthusiast.  She and her husband have built a beautiful new home and have incorporated a special seaglass countertop...from years of collecting. I guess it runs in the family! Thanks Bonney!

Since Bonney is from the west coast, I must show my only west coast glass. Here in the boat shaped bowl is a small portion of seaglass gifted to me from my friend Nina. She inherited a huge collection after one of her friends from San Francisco (?) passed away. I have saved it apart from my own to keep its honor.

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