Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sea Pottery

I am not sure what other collectors call it, but I have dubbed the wonderful shards of broken pottery, dishes, ceramics & tiles I find, Sea Pottery. Worn smooth by the action of waves, tides, sand and stones, these always unique pieces offer us a time to imagine. Imagine what they were part of, where they came from. Were they on a shelf, in a cottage swept out to sea? Or were they discarded as trash? Was that piece someone's favorite bowl? Do I daresay that finding a piece of Sea Pottery is almost more exciting than finding a piece of blue seaglass?

In addition to Sea Pottery, I have found larger pieces of Sea Marble! These fragments of a long ago counter top or foyer floor are usually found after a rough storm. Heavier than their smaller cousins, seaglass and sea pottery, it takes a mighty wave to launch them from the depths onto their sandy resting places. Here, the white sea marble is nested with an old, round marble trivet that came to our home cracked and thought of as "washed up". Never fear, crazy glue saved it from the dumpster it was bound for! Of course, the whole collection resides on a marble topped Victorian coffee table from Aunt Katherine. I will somehow scan her paintings and tell you a little about this Great Aunt of mine in the future!

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