Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Faux Floorcloths

A rainy week has kept me indoors for the most part so I look around...what do I see and walk upon every day here? One of my remaining "faux floorcloths", located at the top of my stairs on a small landing. Painted quite a few years ago, it remains in good condition because we are usually all barefoot upstairs!

Surprise! This floorcloth and many more were painted using pieces of vinyl flooring bought in a roll at none other than, Home Depot! We had a lot of fun around here designing and painting these "canvases".

 Anyone can master this craft. The vinyl can be cut with scissors, then primed with latex primer, painted with simple acrylics and then coated several times with latex polyurethane. You can see here the backs of these floorcloths. You paint on the opposite side! Heavy trafficked areas may not be the best spot for these floorcloths but they do fare quite well in bedrooms, bathrooms and out of way hallways or landings as in my home. Have some fun!

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  1. Carol,
    You need to find a way to teach classes in all of this (and get paid, too!)