Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Driftwood Tree

Drill in hand, driftwood in backyard, Sally the puppy trying to eat my driftwood. A more difficult task than I imagined! I did sort of accomplish my goal=a tree of sorts, unfinished, not sure of the base....but voila! The Driftwood Christmas Tree!

The starfish was placed but not permanent. As you can see, the wooden dowel wasn't cut yet. A base is TBD. To Be Determined!

If you can see the base used for this shot, and possibly a contender for a permanent base, it is a very old humidifier jar I saved from my childhood.  Reminds me of  Vicks Vapo Rub!!! Probably a collectible.

Here is a close up. The jar may bring back memories to many! Do you remember those old hot steam vaporizers? Wow, how things have changed! Bicycle helmets, car seats, all sorts of GOOD rules!

The Driftwood Tree will continue to evolve.

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