Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Beach Rock Coaster

There are so many things to find and collect on a beach. One day I noticed the
multitudes of smooth and very flat stones along the high tide line and below.
Wonderful shades of gray and brown. 
What can I possibly do with these beauties? Enter, the cheese wheel.
Those large Brie wheels that arrive every year around the holiday...hmmm.
Made of thin wood, nice round shape and free when Trader Joe's uses them for demo!

Paint, arrange the stones & glue, then spray a little poly...
a "Rock Coaster" ready for whatever use you may find for it. I mostly use them for plants but possibly wall art?

Notice the seaglass votive holders? And those candles are beeswax, directly from a local beekeeper!
Thanks Bruce! 

And thank you to Nina for my lime green watering can & Gerbera!

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  1. Carol, You are Soooo creative. Love those coasters and the photos.