Friday, May 20, 2011

Candles & Clamshells

I love tiny quahog shells! Ask my family...what do I do when visiting the Fairfield Beach cottages? Walk, searching the shore for the smallest of clam shells, back & forth, back & forth, through the tidal pools and along the tide lines. Just can't sit still! 

Why? Because in addition to collecting, I make things with my findings. These woven twig wreaths are base to layers of the naturally colored shells, glue stick applied. The completed wreaths just barely fit over the candlestick top, thankfully!  Seafoam green (not the real Ben Moore color name) walls and almost matching candles together feel peaceful here on the mantle. 

 Not a great photo here...boy, do I need a better camera, but the shell wreaths also hang in the downstairs bathroom! Jingle shells added for a little color here and the doubled wreaths remind me of a mother & child. I am going to look for another "hand-me-up" camera in this house. Speaking of children, I have inherited 2 digital cameras from my kids, on to the third now. Once I hit 4 or if this next one isn't any better, I may actually buy myself one!

Following Day...after finding the next camera:

A little better? At least slightly more natural and true to the actual colors. Thinking of that new camera seriously now though.

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