Friday, May 6, 2011


If you haven't already figured it out, I am a collector. I typically collect things from nature and mostly from the beach. I may start a new category for my blog called, Collections! I just have to learn how and where to put it. So many things I want to learn about the whole blogging world...but one step at a time. Last entry I tested out using a link and it worked! So here I go again.

Wampum Collection
Wampum was often used as currency in colonial history. The quahog shell (hard clam shell) that we find along the beaches here in New England is rimmed with a beautiful shade of purple. Small pieces like these are worn and smoothed by the daily tides.

This is my small but so beautiful collection of Wampum. 
Not many people know what I mean when I say I have found a nice piece of Wampum along with my seaglass! A co-worker, (Alex!) knocked my socks off the other day when she knew exactly 
what I was talking about! 

The collection resides in a little lobster dish made by my daughter. A few pieces have naturally occurring holes ready for someone like me to make myself little piece of jewelry!

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  1. Carol, I didn't know that! Thanks for the info!