Saturday, May 21, 2011

Azaleas, Poppies and Dandelions!

What is blossoming now in your yard? I have the most striking pink and fushia azaleas in their glory today. The rest of the garden is coming along...foxgloves, pinks, yarrow, iris and more.

Pretty in pink? Sally has grown and loves the playing under shrubs!

These poppies have been in my garden since we bought the house, almost 32 years ago! They are so delicate and last such a short time but they give the early spring garden a burst of magnificent color!

 I have high hopes for the coleus this year too. The deepest purples, red & pinks, and the beautiful lime green edging...I just hope they flourish!

 And then the dandelions...hmmm. Love them, hate them, can't control them. But when you catch one in this stage it reminds you that they are just as beautiful as any flower! (Now you can see why I can't control them. One passing breeze and oh well)

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