Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Almost Tomato Time

The soil is ready, the plants are purchased, (no starting them from seeds-been there, done that) but it is still too early! So combine my tomato obsession with being housebound for a few weeks, some fun things have happened. First, my favorite ceramic tomato (made by my daughter back in high school) has found itself in the spotlight. Here, on the sill above my kitchen sink, alongside my grandmother's tea pot that holds my tea bags. Nana Ri would love to know how I cherish this teapot!

 And in its own nest....on the sunporch.

Watching the plants grow while waiting for the weather to cooperate.

While upstairs, the gardener feeling restless, has some Illustrator ideas. It was fun to goof around for a few minutes...maybe I will do more of these simple graphics and make some cards?

Here is the line up for this year. Orange Slice Hybrid, Sunny Boy Hybrid, Pink Pounder Hybrid, Fourth of July Hybrid, Lemon Boy, Early Girl, Red Brandywine Heirloom & Green Zebra Heirloom. I have 12 plants in all and have had to expand the garden. Thanks to my husband for helping with that. Now he has some ownership!

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