Saturday, April 30, 2011

Garden Toys

As spring seems to be here, finally, I am out poking around the garden daily. Besides the plants, there are "constants" in the gardens...just as there in life. I have bought some of these adornments, have inherited some and have built some! Some are quite old, some are a little newer but as always, they all have a story.

The garden wheelbarrow and the garden weeding baskets are my favorites. I have had one for 30+ years and the other for only a short time. Aunt Katherine's basket and Grandma Roche's wheelbarrow are put to good use as tools but also as garden art.

Other treasures include a sundial given to me as a gift for a favor done...and resides in my front yard.

Then we have the statues! We have Little Dedo..the smallest gargoyle on Notre Dame Cathedral, St. Francis of Assisi, patron saint of animals and the environment, and Madonna & Child.  All are set so that we can see them from our eating area window. (Remember that citron colored table?)

A garden gate made of fallen branches is the final but last thing in the garden. I hope to make more branch structures! For now, the yard and garden can grow and flourish until I can get back to it and the sun and rain do their magic.

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