Saturday, April 23, 2011

The "Peggy-Roo" Story

I am keeping my promise tonight. With the help of a newly purchased scanner, I am able to give everyone a glimpse of the past and the reason our back hall beach cottage sign is so special.  Peggy-Roo, the Lordship cottage built for Papa D's grandmother and grandfather on his mother's side was named after Peggy Rooney.  It was a second home, a get-away from "the city" a.k.a. Bridgeport! Built by W.A. Trolland in 1931 or at least designed on that date, it obviously became an adventure haven and gathering place looking at the photos we have from the day. Notice the sign atop the cottage!

Someone was a budding photographer! In fact, the camera used in these photos was a Zeis Ikon...purchased in Germany by ? The facts that have been handed down but may be off a bit the images speak loud and clear...Lordship was a fun place in the sun. And sharks were that big and caught off shore?????

Last but not least, we have a photo of the world famous Hindenburg with the back of the photo confirming this unbelievable photo opp. A bit blurry and off in the distance but WOW. This was also taken on what looks like a public beach and I assume, out here in Lordship! I also have the old blue prints from the builder of Peggy-Roo but they have been framed and passed along to my children. Preserving family history is so important to me. Someday, my seaglass creations will be passed with a similar story and I hope someone will appreciate them and continue to keep history alive.

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  1. I never knew that is what this came from! I thought it was the name of a boat. Really interesting!