Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Glass DoorKnob Coat Rack

A while back I saw the same glass door knob coat rack on a few blogs. They must have all snatched it from the same original post! It was cool but I wanted to do one a little differently. My house has mostly all old glass door knobs. Some had fallen off so I had a small door knob collection for many years on various tables around the house. I knew I could make them work. Thanks to my "junk" man Brian at good ole Trader Joe's, I bartered for a beautiful old section of mahogany that once adorned an armoir or something of the sort. I had to build a frame around it and gorilla glue it to a thicker piece of pine, stain those new additions and get going to create my one of a kind coat rack! Not as easy as it seemed though. Had to find "faux" spindles, rosettes within a reasonable cost and a few more knobs. This all took a few months.

Glass knobs attached, hanging system in place (it was quite heavy!) Ready to roll.

Completed coat rack! Hung below our "Peggy-Roo" beach cottage sign...in a place of honor. This sign was saved from Papa D's (formerly known as my husband Dave) grandmother's Lordship cottage from way back when. I will tell that story another day.  Watch how fast the coat rack fills. Beach towels will follow in the next few months!

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