Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Seaglass Festival 2010

Sometimes you look back and say why didn't I do this! Well, I said, considering I love seaglass I should go to this festival that happens yearly when it is within driving distance this year!  Fortunately, I have 2 lovely daughters that understand me. They knew it was going to happen. We had also established the yearly tradition of a mom-daughter get away weekend...perfect!

So, with our "shards" in hand, we went...thinking we would win the Shard of the Year Contest.

My entry was a deep red piece I found along my beach walk out to "Pleasure Beach". It looked like a brown but when I held it up to the sun, it just was such a find! Along with this gem I entered a pale pink piece. I thought....who has found such "rare" pieces!!!

Well, we did not win but we had, as always a fantastic Mother-Daughter weekend. We went on to visit the Potato Chip Factory, have a few good dinners and drink wine. What else could anyone want?

I KNOW WHAT ANYONE COULD WANT!!!...our next Mother - Daughter get-away is going to be someplace warm, sunny and have no hidden agenda. I promise.


  1. That's amazing! I was trying to get our daughter Amy to go to the same show.