Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tomato Tomatoes

Today I hung my new "back hallway" addition! This is a scanner photgraphy print that I fell in love with and purchased while attending the Garden Expo in Fairfield a few weeks ago. The artist is Ellen Hoverkamp and her website is She has developed a unique method to create absolutely beautiful designs from nature. Check it out! I also found a cool frame at Palooza in downtown Fairfield....very fitting driftwood design to complement the weathered Peggy Roo sign.

I have to admit, I love tomatoes. I grow them, I eat them and I think they are beautiful. These are some from last summer on a window sill.....

And these are my "hopeful thinking" store bought tomatoes set beside my garden growing lettuce! Looking forward to a fruitful harvest this summer....and thinking of the many fresh tomato recipes I can't wait to eat.

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