Sunday, December 4, 2011

Stay Inside Sunday

Due to a slight cold, I decided to finish up a few projects and stay indoors this Sunday. Decorating for the holidays is something I keep to a minimum. I am not the Christmas Tree Shopper. But I like to try new things, with old objects or found objects and sometimes they work, sometimes they don't!

I had already started a centerpiece for the dining room table. Old green bottles, old candles stubs of many colors and a mirror what?

After searching for a basic tablecloth and finding none, I decided to make one. Here, a painter's drop cloth washed and softened becomes the correct size. Don't miss the old Singer sewing machine I have had since the 1960's!!!! Pom-poms, also quite retro will complete this simple square cloth that I can use for any holiday.

The completed tablecloth arranged diagonally on the drop leaf table, the green bottles, starfish for a seaside effect...Next project, the wreath.

 Inside, looking out.

I made a bow this year with wired ribbon. Lime green seems to following me or vice versa! Added some faux green berries to catch the light and brighten the other greens. If you hadn't noticed, our front door is pink and has adorned our humble abode for all 32 years we have lived here. Can't believe Papa D actually let me paint it that color so many years ago. He knew I was a little crazy way back then!!!

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