Sunday, December 11, 2011

Tree Cutting Sunday!

Today we went a tree cutting to my favorite, completely non-commercial tree farm in Easton, CT. Everett's is the name and it is like going back in time. Friendly family members sitting around the pot belly stove to stay warm offer you the saw to cut your own tree along with their smiles. No crowds, no parking lot attendants and fresh air you can enjoy in solitude, almost! A few other families, that's it!

We always look for a Blue Spruce and we found a lovely one this year! The farm is a quintessential, Norman Rockwell-ish Christmas experience! Do I sound overly enthusiastic? Go there, you will see!

We found the tree quite quickly this year but I must say, the outfit Pappa D wore to cut the tree may have been a factor. The day was sunny and about 40 degrees. For me, that warrants a few layers, a hat, a scarf and some gloves.

To others, namely my husband, the day was just like any other beach Sunday...with shorts & flip flops!

My job is the lights....and then the rest of the family gets involved.

A beachy bouquet of greens from the tree and some backyard shrubs add an extra touch of greenery!

And the Snowmen watercolors I did many years ago come out of hiding.

Minimal holiday decor but all very meaningful....just the way I like it.

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