Thursday, December 8, 2011

Seashore Frames

Way, way back summerwise time, I had an idea. A trip to a flea market, a walk on the beach....a home made craft. It was worth the try and it has been an ongoing project!

 So these two images are the start.....broken wind fences, old canning labels that came from my trip to Brimfield.

The basic plastic miter box was my friend as I cut the frame pieces. It was something I had used before,  so no learning process here!

But, trying to figure out how to put a piece of glass in place was a different story! I decided to make a frame back from small pieces of trim cut as you can see here.

So I glued the back framework and went to the "framer" to get glass cut.

They were not very nice. 

 My frames were called rudimentary and other things. Sorry, I was trying to do something fun. They did cut the glass and I had a matte cut coordinating to each color scheme....more than I wanted to pay, especially when they totally "dissed" my hand made frames.

But I love these frames and the old canning labels!!!! The project is half done...two more frames to make to complete the group. Do I go back to the old framer???? Maybe, as long as they do not put their noses up at my homemade frames. Not sure what to do.

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  1. Nice looking frames! Seriously, you are so creative Carol!