Sunday, December 25, 2011

White Christmas?

Wishing for snow here in Connecticut may sound foolish after last winter but I still have that old fashioned image of Christmas in my mind. We did not have snow here but a little white on the shore was just what I needed to wrap up the wonderful weekend I enjoyed with my wonderful family this Christmas!

The Christmas Eve Eve dinner with my husband, children, future daughter in law and silly little Sally was just the best gift I could receive. Following the lobster dip tradition (oops, will post tomorrow pix of that) they gathered for one of the last photos taken with my trusty old Canon PowerShot.

The old faithful camera's flash does not work and only one setting still even takes photos! Amazing I have been able to use it at all and actually post to a blog. Here is a kiss gone wrong from Sally and a bit of iphoto work to get the shot to this publishable point. Love it though!

Goodbye to my old Canon. Photo is clear, sharp and makes this old friend look better than her years. Photo taken by none other than.......

my new camera for Christmas!!!! Thank you Pappa D!!!! This photo taken by old faithful doesn't do my new friend any justice. Jealousy here????? Anyways, I have a new camera now to learn and take care of in sickness and in health. There may be some shots from the old gal in my archives that make their way into upcoming posts but I am so excited to have a complete and functional camera again.

And so we walked. I received a handful of seaglass from each daughter, scooped up while I was fiddling with settings on my gift. The perfect end to a perfect Christmas.


  1. so excited to see you got the new camera, Carol.
    you did so much with the old and I look forward to the new. just like our friendship!

  2. I have the same old camera as you and it is still working like a pro. On the other hand, I could probably learn a few things more about my camera which would help me get some great pictures. What a nice gift!