Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last Seaglass Walk 2011

Today was optimum seaglass searching weather, tide and falling on a Saturday, it was perfect to take a long last walk along my favorite beaches. I was very fortunate on my search, just as the end of 2011 brought good fortune to my family as well.

Along with seaglass, I found my very first "seacoin". A penny eaten away by the elements...but found face up, another harbinger of luck for the year to come!

Lastly, I found a seaglass heart. What a way to wrap up the year! Happy New Year's Eve to all and wishes for a healthy & happy 2012.

(This shot is a bit out of focus....hopefully 2012 will bring my photography skills into better focus along with many other goals for the new year!)


  1. Beautiful, Carol. In composition and in intent.

  2. Beautiful, Carol. In composition, content and intention.