Sunday, January 1, 2012

A penny for your thoughts.

Creativity seems to be catching in our home and that is such a good feeling! I received a Christmas gift from my husband, a.k.a. Pappa D that merits some heartfelt attention.

A card, with a Tiffany's bag tucked inside. Hmm, he knows I am not an expensive jewelry lover. I just wear what I wear, no need for anything new so this took me by surprise.

And surprise me it did. Out tumbled pennies...and I was asked to look a little closer. They were all important dates in my life! Now that is special and very thoughtful. Pappa D is catching on! What can I do with such a gift though?

First, clean the pennies so to better see that important date on each. Vinegar and salt will clean copper quite nicely. Rinsed with clear water to stop the process, I moved right along, still thinking.

With my magnifier loop in hand, I was able to date each coin and chart my life!

Now please excuse the dates (telling my age to all) but look at the events! What fun Pappa D had, searching his change for these! Everyone can relate, we all have loose change and we all have years to remember. I will design this into a keepsake. Thank you again Dave and thank you for another idea to build upon.

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