Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Beautiful Buildings

Bridgeport CT has many faces. One that is over looked and sometimes forgotten is the rich and diverse architecture! Recently, I teamed up with a fellow enthusiast to scout out some of the downtown diamonds in the rough. I say this only because many are vacant or have been adapted for other use. In their glory days, they were brilliant, sparkling gems. I have more images than these that I have chosen and have added them to the right sidebar under MY IMPORTANT PAGES! Please check those out as well.

City Hall against a cerulean blue backdrop and its proud eagle with wings spread wide.

The Post Building, one I never even noticed before! I will need to study up on the city and get back with more facts! Right now, it is purely a love of these buildings and their details that I hope to touch upon.

Look at the details surrounding this window! The brick has so much character...

Brick, tile work, care & craftsmanship to design something so magnificent – not seen much in architecture today.

The same building, from another vantage point.

Juxtaposed styles, just wished there was a bit more light cast on the magnificent sculpture of the lion!

Another landmark building in the center of the city.

How is this for details? The Barnum Museum (see my previous blog post!) could fill an entire post in itself. 

From the street, the sculptural details are breath taking...if you take the time to just stop & look!!

Art deco in its glory. 

And last but not least here on this post, a view of the old and the new, making downtown a visual treasure to behold!

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