Sunday, January 15, 2012

Seaglass Sunday Silver

It was too cold for a walk today although the sun was beckoning me. What to do on this Sunday instead? I saw that my special seaglass necklaces needed some TLC. Silver is always hard to keep bright and shiny, especially in the salty air near the shore! How in the world did my mother and those of her generation keep all their silver so perfectly polished?

Out comes the silver polish! What a chore, a mess but it was time. The seaglass necklaces here haven't been worn for some time just because of their tarnish!

 One necklace was purchased (the bezel set) and one was drilled by a friend. Both are inspiration to go out on a limb and do what I really want to do....seaglass jewelry and seaglass suncatchers!

Ooooops, back to reality.  Silver polishing done the old fashioned way is hard work! Here, with the photo help of Pappa D you can see me using the sponge and scrubbing the tarnish off one of my favorite old silver pieces. 

After polishing, a quick dunk in a bowl full of sudsy warm water, rinsing with clear water....and towel drying. Look how awesome it looks!

The polished pieces back in place in my front entrance to greet us everyday!
 The necklaces will now be worn to inspire me again and to be reminders to move forward and get this seaglass jewelry venture up and running.

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  1. Looks so pretty, I guess I should bring out the silver polish!