Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Creative Christmas

For the last 5 years, I have given my children a check along with just a few gifts for Christmas. But being a creative creature, I cannot just hand it over in an envelope. No, not me, not in my nature. I MUST brainstorm myself into just as much stress as the shopping would have caused in the first place! But it is so rewarding and I love it so the tradition carries on.

Somehow, I came up with this idea this year. These are called Monkey Fists. I made them! I bought the materials, watched a youtube video and sat down one night, took a deep breath and gave it a try.

Here, watch this....monkey fist video. Success!

Then in Illustrator, I wrote my copy and designed the gift.  Unfortunately, with zero time left, the printer ink was very low and they just barely printed! Oh well, the faded, rustic look had to do.

With boxes put together, shredded filling, the knot and the check (of course) went inside.

And this was Creative Christmas 2011! I know they appreciate my effort and will always remember my crazy way of handing over the checks.

Past years included 2007 The Jingle Jar (an empty apothecary jar to save pennies, along with a bell to jingle), 2008 The We'll Leave the Light On (with a painted cut out of our home), 2009 My Little Angels (with a Dirt Devil vacuum), and last year - 2010 Money Doesn't Grow on Trees (with a t-shirt printed with our family tree and all the names we could find going back a few generations).

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