Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Phone, Text or Photo?

I am a strict advocate of no texting while driving, no phone without hands free but I confess, I did probably worse than all that....I could not resist photography while driving. The point and shoot digital was sitting right next to me.

The sunset was captivating. I knew I would not make it back to the marsh where it was even more spectacular I am sure. But, there was another reason to take this shot. I am constantly in awe of rainy day reflections from street lights, cars and more as I drive and I think it would make a fantastic photo essay someday!

So to start that essay, when I finally drove off the highway I sat at this red light. I realized this image was quite poignant & exactly what I should include in my photo essay. It is not just roads, reflections, highways and sunsets. It is what we see to and from work each day. If we open our eyes and see the beauty in every moment...maybe our days can start and end looking for these opportunities!  Hmmmm......starting a new folder.

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