Friday, February 17, 2012

Selling Seaglass Necklaces

So I think I am almost ready! A little cataloging of necklaces made, more photographs of individual pieces, buying more pinch bails (the part that goes into the drilled hole) and open an etsy account? Not sure if that is the route I want to go yet. In the meantime, more studio shots, more fun!

Some of the first necklaces...

 and from whence they came, are years and years of more seaglass collected – just waiting to be worn by a fellow seaglass lover!

Jars and bowls full of my treasures fill my home, just ask my family!

Be still my heart, I could spend hours arranging my glass!

Wishing for Spring, a cute little seaglass flower to tide me over.

as my excitement spilleth over!

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