Friday, February 24, 2012

No Seaglass on Sanibel Island!

A fun and impromptu trip to the Florida Island of Sanibel this past week produced zero seaglass but some lovely memories and photos! My two beautiful daughters convinced me this was going to be our yearly mother/daughter trip and off we went.

Looking out towards Fort Myers from our bicycle ride to the Sanibel Lighthouse...

A dolphin and a cormorant (I think) out on the Captiva end of the Island! We really liked the less commercial, more tropical ambiance there and if we ever go back, we will stay down in Captiva.

Captain Jack drove us to the Sunset Cruise and lo & behold, he was a Connecticut & Fairfield native! The trolley ride was quite enjoyable and the Sunset Cruise with a glass or two of wine just SO RELAXING.

We saw white pelicans and other birds...please help me if you know what this first shot was!!! I will research.

Reflections are always on the top of my photo list and before leaving for our little cruise I couldn't help myself!

And of course the sunsets....

Now everyone knows that Sanibel is world reknowned for its shells. I think we either hit a busy  season when they were scooped up at sunrise or I was too picky!

I collected my favorites and have a nice jar full at the very least! I think some may be used to display my seaglass necklaces!

The End.

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  1. The natural world of Connecticut in general, but esp Lordship and your home are clearly both your inspiration and your muse. But these detours and their pleasures and differences of light and textures,filtered through your graceful girls surely will inform your work.