Sunday, February 26, 2012

Seaweed, Seaglass and a Sunny Day

Today was a great day for a brisk walk...all bundled up since I don't fare well in the cold. 31 degrees at 10 a.m. with sun-a-shining didn't seem too bad! Low tide too! But underneath it all, hid my camera slung around my neck. I was on a mission.

After walking the Lordship bluffs, reversing and then down to the beach I came upon a sad little ceramic duck. I felt I needed to take it home and give it some love. 

And then began my mission. I had tucked a few nice pieces of my recently gathered seaglass into my pocket knowing I was going to zoom in, set up and have my own outdoor photo shoot!

So begins a series. The "pilings" series, the "wetrocks" series and my favorite, the "seaweed series" will continue to grow. I have so many more to show but am saving them in anticipation of making prints to share along with my seaglass necklaces, seaglass suncatchers and seaglass windows!

How was that for a February Seaglass Sunday walk? Yes, fingers quite cold, eyes tearing, and wet soggy sneakers to boot but enjoyable beyond compare!

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