Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Accidental Watercolors

I wrote about coming upon some accidental art quite a while ago and I find myself in the situation once again. Sometimes if you open up your eyes, you see more than the obvious, more of the moment. 

I am trying without much success to find my niche in the world of watercolors. But where do I see something worth sharing? The palette! The place I mix in abandon, not a care in the world...it should be a sign for me to put down the pencil, forget the initial drawing and just paint.

These washes have so much life! I am not an abstract artist at all but if I could find the place where I belong in this medium it would be a blessing.

Someday, I will show my adventures in watercolor; past, present & future. For now, I will continue to experiment and enjoy the ride!

1 comment:

  1. Very nice!
    I like the textures. I spent much of today in class and then working on a landscape scene. I think I should visit you and cull some of your fine seaglass, and then you could visit me and paint a Northwest inspiration.